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Mama, You Deserve to Feel

And Your Kids Do, Too!


My Mission

Dear beautiful Mama, I see you and your struggles! 

Life looks one way from the outside, but it’s a whole different story what’s going on inside. 
As a mama, of course, you want the best for your children. We all do! And at the same time it’s so hard to make the right choices, because there are so many options out there. Parenting books, blogs, parents, friends, society… everybody has different suggestions when you are trying to figure out what’s best for you and your children. 

I experienced it: from the outside I lived this perfect life with a lovely husband, two awesome kids, two dogs, a house, a pool, fancy parties for the kids, and so much more… but on the inside I often felt lonely and empty and yet overwhelmed by the expectation to be that mom who has it all figured out. 

At some point we don’t understand our kids behaviors anymore. What if they have a message for us? We can only pretend so much until our ‘truth detector’ skilled children remind us to come back to ourselves and into this present moment.

Mamas, I know you are doing the best you can. Sometimes though everybody deserves a little help to see where we went off. We are all conditioned with beliefs that are not serving us anymore, many ingrained from childhood. Freeing ourselves from those will bring us back on our path to live a happy and fulfilled life.

I am here to support you to tap into a place within where all your questions are already answered. No more searching on the outside! I believe that in our soul we know what’s exactly right for us. Imagine how much time and energy you can save when you instantly know what’s best for you and your family…when you can just focus on being yourself?
You taking care of yourself by connecting to your truth and getting clear about how you want to live your life will enable your children to be themselves too. They will grow up freely, empowered and happy. 

Life is too precious to be lived unhappy! No room for fear, limiting beliefs and society’s rules – only the empowered and confident you, raising your children by your own values and with unconditional love.

Annika Hayman


Mama, empower yourself to free your children!
No controlling any more, only unconditional love!

– Annika Hayman


What I Offer

1:1 Freedom Coaching Program

1:1 Coaching Program: Connect to your inner truth, define and live your own freedom to give your CHildren the chance to grow up unburdened of your experiences, habits and imprinted beliefs

    Intensive Clarity Session

    1:1 Life-changing support in understanding what you and your kids are going through. Growing consciousness of where your connection to your kids is lacking and where their behaviors are a mirror of your (unconscious) struggles, Beliefs or blocks. You free yourself to free your children.

      Free your Mama-Bear!

      7 Week group coaching program with weekly LIVE Coaching sessions Online or in person. Deep diving into different topics every week that are specific to mothers. you will be Empowered by connecting to your intuition to parent from a place of unconditional love, instead of following everybody’s (also parenting book’s) advice that don’t really resonate with your heart. 

      Intensive Freedom Coaching Day

      1:1 Support for 1 day to dig deep and transform fog into clarity. You will be ready to take every challenge with your kids as a gift, a lesson to grow and to open your heart a bit more. You will get out empowered and able to connect and love yourself and your children with unconditionally.

      Freedom Women’s Circles

      Annika creates a safe and sacred, confidential and non-judgemental space for mothers to grow and connect to themselves and each other. We’ll go deep into topics and feelings that show up in this safe place. We talk, feel, sense, meditate, release and enjoy the togetherness. You’ll feel empowered, refreshed and connected afterward.  

        exclusive freedom coaching

        Free your Mama Bear!

        What other mamas say

        I am

        I am a wife, a mom, a lover.
        A friend, a sister, a daughter.
        An aunt, a freedom fanatic, an adventure seeker.
        A paddle-board enthusiast, a travel addict, a sunshine lover.
        An animal lover, a listener, a seer.
        A Pippi Longstocking lover.
        I am a giver of space and support.
        I am a gluten-free, dairy-free vegetarian,
        who occasionally eats seafood.
        I am an abuse survivor, an unschooling advocate, a lover of my life.
        An unconditional lover of my children and my family.
        I am a Freedom Coach.
        But most of all, I am myself.
        I am unique. I am Love.
        I am loved and I am good enough.
        I am the co-creator of my life.

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