Today is Mother’s Day and somehow it feels much different to me than Mother’s Days in the past. It might be because my husband is not in town. He usually tries to make this day extra special for me with having breakfast at my favorite breakfast place and then a trip to the farm to get organic soil, compost and veggie plants … and of course sweet little cards, flowers and presents from the boys. (We already did the farm trip last weekend and he left me flowers and cards ๐Ÿ™‚ )

But I think the reason why it feels different is the change in our lifestyle.

It was actually my older son who made me think about this a couple of days ago. He asked me:

‘Mama, why do you have a day like Mother’s Day and I don’t have a Child’s Day?’

And boom! It struck me! He is totally living it and embracing out radial unschooled lifestyle! He knows that in this family everybody is worth the same and we treat each other on eye level. We live in fairness and with respect for one another. Of course for him it does not make sense that there is this special day for me and not for him! And I totally agree with him!

Is there an official Children’s Day? We did some research and found out that there is no world children’s day. But different countries celebrate their children’s days on different days. In the US it’s the second Sunday in June, which will be June 10 this year. E.g. in Germany and Austria it’s September 20 every year.

So, we will be celebrating on June 10 and Noah would like to have a present. I haven’t talked to Niki yet, what his perfect Children’s Day would look like, but he will have his wishes met too.

Another reason for a different feeling about mother’s day! I don’t enjoy going out to eat as much. I feel really strongly about fueling my body with the best food that I can find for myself and that’s usually not what I can find at a restaurant. When I look at my green smoothie that’s standing next to me right now, I couldn’t feel happier about my food choice ๐Ÿ™‚ and honoring my body.

Like this morning I did my workout right after getting up and this is really the biggest present that my boys give me every morning and that I give to myself every day. This is the me-time that I so much enjoy as a woman and as a mama and just as me. I get not only stronger physically every day, but also in my mind and soul. And I am so thankful for the attention I give myself and are giving by my children. (Pics from this mornings leg day)


Although I do somehow enjoy the extra attention at a day like this, especially getting some validation from my husband that I am the perfect mom for our children, but I don’t need it. Deep inside I know that I am their mom for a reason and I celebrate being a mother to my boys every day. I am humbled and grateful that they are with me every day and that they picked me to be their mom. There is this content and happy feeling inside of me that doesn’t need any outside validations.

On a day like this I feel empathy and love for all the women who are not as fortunate to be a mom although they would love to be one, but lifestyle choices or bodily issues don’t make it happen for them. I feel for them and wish them that their wishes come true and they can find happiness and contentment in their lives.

And I feel for the mothers that have grown children that are out of the house or for whatever reason not with them today. Even though your children are not physically there, know that they think of you!!

To all of you moms out there, I do wish you happy Mother’s Day, even if you don’t really believe in it ๐Ÿ™‚ We are mothers, we are women and we unique. We are loved (even on other days than Mother’s Days) and we have superpowers that we should celebrate every single day!!

With much love and gratitude,

aNNika <3