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Annika Hayman

You Deserve to Feel

My Mission

I am here to support you in defining your very own freedom, your very own inner truth and live it. Your life is too precious to be unhappy. It’s your choice to enjoy your life and feel abundant, wild and free and live a life filled with lightness, love and laughter.
I help you to find this place inside of you, the one where everything is there already. The all knowing place in your soul where everything seems to be there. Nothing more to search for. All the answers answered. From there you’ll start to live a life on your own terms.
No room for fear, limiting beliefs and society’s rules.

Annika Hayman


Everybody deserves to feel free!

Mamas unite, define your freedom and live it!

Freedom means to have choices (freedom = choices)


What I Offer

1:1 Freedom Coaching Program

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you think that life has more in storage for you, but you don’t know where to look? Have you searched for a long time on the outside and now feel ready to go deep inside to transform your life?


  • Weekly online (or in person) coaching sessions of 60 minutes
  • Google Drive Support for documents that will be shared
  • WhatsApp support between sessions (priceless when you are have a cheerleader on hand almost 24/7)
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Annika supports you in finding clarity and awareness in what’s going on. In her direct, but loving, mindful and empathetic way she guides you in finding your own answers to your problems. Mindshift and insights will occur and Annika will make sure that you are ready to implement them into your life. With the help up action plans, challenges, exercises, trails you will gain confidence in yourself and will start to live the life you always wanted.
A program will be individually created for for your needs. Programs differ in intensity and time and cost.
(Your very own Freedom Program can have various topics. Relationship, career, entrepreneurship, relationship to your parents or your children, financial freedom,…)

Free Mama-Bear!

Transform your life as a mom. Understand how you are creating your own reality. When life feels heavy and dependent, learn how to bring the lightness and fun back into your family life!


  • 7 Weekly online group coaching call (90min) on different topics
  • Small group of 6-10 women to be able to connect more deeply
  • A safe and confidential place
  • Moderated closed Facebook group
  • Optional 1:1 coaching calls with Annika at reduced rate
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Ever thought about that your kid’s bad behavior is a wink from the universe to you to step up to your challenges? What if you can change your family dynamics by stepping into your femine power and taking responsibility for your life? Do you wish to be a great role model for your children, but haven’t really figured out yet to live a balanced life yourself? All this is possible! Please join me and other mamas in this life-changing, deep and fun group coaching program. With the support of women that really understand what you are going through, define your very own freedom and start to live it!

Life changing Clarity Session

You have a topic that needs clarity right now, a decision that needs a double check. Just this little blockage in your mind which keeps you from going on. Or you are just not sure if it’s something small or bigger going on in your life. There might be pattern coming up and you don’t know what to do with them.


  • 60-90 minute clarity session
  • 100% love during it
  • 100% clarity afterwards
  • Custom Freedom Analysis for future
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Book a 60-90 minute clarity session. Annika has an amazing talent in seeing things through and making the right connections that will help you gain knowledge about yourself. With her no bullshit approach and following her intuition, she will make sure to get to the roots of your problem. Together with Annika you will create an action plan to implement into your life. You will be set free to create the life that you always wanted.

Intensive Freedom Coaching Day with Annika

Book Annika for a day and go deep into your freedom topic. Be prepared to get to the roots and at the same time have a lot of fun. Annika is a creative soul and will make sure to challenge you in a loving way. This will not be a day spent sitting and talking.


  • 1 Day in-person packed with transformation
  • A safe and confidential place
  • Customized Freedom Analysis for future
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You will get out and experience yourself in a new way, maybe a way you’ve never dreamed of before. You will go out of this day transformed, with more clarity and ready to live a freedom and love lead life.
Please keep in mind, since Annika is traveling the world at the moment, there is some planning involved to get you two together, but it’s totally possible!

Freedom (Women) Circles

Women connecting with other women is a powerful practice. Women circles have probably been around before prehistoric times. Women got together once a month and menstruated together. They shared this vulnerable time and connected in a deep way.


  • 60-90 minute clarity session
  • 100% love during it
  • 100% clarity afterwards
  • Custom Freedom Analysis for future
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Annika holds this safe space for women to get together and open up about their fears, goals and desires. It’s not about what you do, it’s about the real you and who you are.
Come and join in for deep conversations, meditations, healing, laughter and so much more…
While Annika is traveling the world these events are not following a regular schedule. Once she is settled, this will change and the dates and places will be made public here. So, please come back and check for updates.

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A reminder

A reminder

Two days ago I took a one hour flight on a pretty small airplane (68 seats). I sat on the aisle, but the window seat next to me wasn't taken, so I had a good view out the window and some room to expand a bit. I get nauseous easily, especially after my pregnancies, I...