“How can you talk about discovering yourself when there are people dying from Covid-19?”

The simple answer to this questions would be: It doesn’t matter what I talk about, the people are still dying.

The longer answer and my truth is the following:

Of course, it matters, what I have to say and I will touch the ones that are open to being touched.

I see this pandemic as a wakeup call from our planet through the universe. Our planet is hurting! It has been hurting for a while. We, human beings are the cause. By creating our current reality that is not sustainable for our planet, we make it suffer. We lost connection to ourselves, nature and with this, to our earth , we are taking more than the planet can give us and we don’t want to listen to the people that give our planet a voice. We ignored them and the voice within us that is connected to the truth of the planet too.

Over time, we got really good ignoring our truth, our needs and our true desires. It makes sense, because it’s not always easy to face one’s truth and much easier to busy our mind and bodies with seemingly important stuff on the outside, instead of going deep inside where all the questions are already answered.

Now the world is in a crisis. It’s been in many crises. Wars that humans created, natural disasters; all calls to human kind to wake up.

People are talking about this being the worst pandemic yet, but we just have to look back in history. 100 years ago the ‘Spanish Flu’ may have taken 50-100 million lives in just over a year! As of today the death rate for Covid-19 stands at 265K worldwide in 5 months.
I am pretty sure that we won’t get to the devastating numbers of 1918. But who knows? (All I am saying is that we can go back and look at what helped and what was needed back then and what we have forgotten to to take care of over the years. To me it seems like a reminder that everybody gets during their lifetime. People who experienced this flu 100 years ago are not alive any more right now.)

So, what is to do now?

Our planet is urging us to take a break! It’s time to stay away from others, from all distractions that we have created for ourselves, and look deep within. Time for soul-searching. Time to reconnect to our truth, our purpose!

When we connect to ourselves, to nature, to truth, we will be able to live a sustainable life that will help our planet recover from many years of exploitation. We need to get conscious about what’s going on within and around ourselves.

Only when we step into our strength and live our purpose that we were sent here to fulfill, we are not disposable, we are not burdening the planet by our existence and ignorance. Instead we enliven and nurture our earth and humankind.

We are creating our reality. When we sign up to be doctors or nurses, the chances are high that we will have to deal with death and mild, but also dangerous diseases. Do I wish them to handle masses of dying people who are suffocating and who can’t be helped? NO!

Old people are dying without their loved ones by their sides. Do I think they deserve this? NO!

But can I personally change it? NO, I can’t! It’s not in my (direct) power.

So, for me the question is, what is in my power that I can do? And what can we learn out of everything that is going on right now?

Let’s look at the people dying alone without their family around. I am positive that many old people have had to die alone before, but now that nobody is allowed to be around their dying family member, it’s a big deal. Here our freedom of choice is in jeopardy, so the scream is loud! (Which is good! We seem to remember that we are born to be free.)
So, let’s build a better connection with the older generation! It’s important to have them be part of our lives. A couple of hundred years ago in some parts of Western Culture, the old were valued members of the tribes who taught their wisdom to the young… kids wouldn’t have to go to daycare… or school (and wouldn’t be the ones contributing to a spread of a virus like this)… kids could stay at home, in their tribes to learn from others or today they could do distance learning and still be around the old… The parents, like you and me, could work at home, growing their own food, or today working from our computers… not spreading viruses… there are so many possibilities…

How can we manage to heal the planet? How can we lower CO2 transmissions? How do we connect to each other in peace and safety? These are other important questions that we need to dwell on right now.

The biggest take-away for me is connecting to our truths. This will automatically connect us with our planet and nature. And it will bring us the ultimate freedom that we can experience in our lifetime.

What does this look like for me personally?

I am going within. Meditating, taking long walks in nature, grounding myself as much as I can, having conversations with people I find inspiring and I trust, connecting deeply with my children and my husband.

There is so much clarity that I have gotten about my purpose in the past months.
I am here to support mothers connecting to their inner truth to be able to raise their children from a place of unconditional love. I believe that a mother needs to free herself from all expectations and conditioning that she has taken on over her life, only then can she be the mother her children really need and who feels balanced and fulfilled in your life. Children need to be able to be themselves. They need to be treated with respect and unconditional love to grow up with trust and love for themselves and our planet. I am showing up and sharing my message every day, because I know that my message is important and that I can make a difference for many mothers in this world. This also brings consciousness to the collective which we are desperately yearning for. How are you serving the world?

I have reduced my rates for my Free-Your-Mama-Bear-Program to make it more affordable for those hit financially by this crisis. At the moment, I am also working on an affordable online program that will probably be ready by month’s end. I believe in what I am teaching and want it to be available to as many mothers as I can reach.

We need conscious people on this planet! Mothers can raise conscious kids when they have awaken from the deep sleep humanity is still in.

I am donating 7% of my proceeds to help children grow up freely and support the conservation efforts for endangered sea turtles.

Of course, I think of all the people in distress right now. I feel the collective energy in this world clearly. They are in my prayers. Beyond that, I am social distancing myself, not hoarding toilet paper or food, not buying up clinical face masks that are needed by our medical community.

In my opinion, it is important to understand that every person has to take responsibility of getting their own needs met, and living their own truth. I can’t change people who choose to ignore the signs. I can just offer to help and this is a part of unconditional love too, believing that everybody does what they can, and letting them be themselves. This includes not blaming, not shaming, and not judging others.

I see this pandemic as a giant opportunity for us. If everybody does their own work of connecting to their truth, we will get out of this much stronger. If we choose to sleep and choose to go back to how it was before, I believe we will be hit with much worse than this virus in the future. This is an important warning the universe wants us to hear.

Much love and light! Annika <3