My family and I have been traveling now for 3 months. On April 22, we arrived in Germany to visit my grandma. It still feels weird and has not set in fully that we really only own the contents of a small 10×10 square feet storage unit and got rid of everything else.

But it’s not a dream, we really have been ‘on the road’ for 3 months now and I feel like we’ve gotten used to this lifestyle pretty well.  In addition, we closed on our house sale at the end of June, which truly cut all the ties to our old settled life.  This is our reality, at least for one year.  Nine months to go!

We’ve visited eight places in three different countries: Germany, Spain and England.  Next up…Africa!  We’ve been pretty strict about sticking to our schedule which allows me and my husband to spend time working and exploring the area by ourselves and on family days together.  Our kids get to spend quality time with each of us.

My focus on the past two months was to go deep and find confidence in what I want to pursue in my ‘career’, but I don’t like to call it that.  For me it’s more the question in how to feel confident in what I love to do and really believe that I am good at it.

Deep inside, I know that I am great at supporting people to find their inner truth and accept responsibility for the life they wish to start living.  But to actually show up and be visible, my statement to the world had to become stronger.  What is my niche?  What topic am I really good at?  Even this, of course, I’ve known for quite a while, but I needed time to really let it sink in and start believing.  Believing in myself.

My speciality is FREEDOM!  Everything that makes me happily jump into the air, gives me goose bumps, makes me angry, makes me cry and also fight, pretty much anything that makes me emotional, can be boiled down to the topic of freedom.  Isn’t that crazy?!

I certainly needed my coach and mentor Sarah Antwerpes to help me connect to this and then I needed a lot of reflection time, just by myself, to understand it and to own it, in my very own way.

And this is exactly the path that I took to get enlightened.  It is so me!  I don’t let anybody tell me anything!  I need to get to the root of my issues in my own time and with a lot of reflection and alone time, of juggling things around and letting things settle slowly.  It’s a bit like cooking paella–lots of cooking and simmering.  It was a process that I let happen without trying to rush or bend myself.  And maybe, for the first time in my life, I felt I could relax into it and trust it.  I could trust that I would get there.  No time restrictions and no working my bum off until I burned out.  This grew very naturally and steadily, that I learned so much from it.

I’ve always wanted to trust.  To build up my trust in life that I never really had.  But now I trust.  I can trust that I am on a divine path and that things will happen the way they are supposed to and in their own time.  I trust that I can let my husband take care of me and our family.  I trust that my children will experience what they are supposed to learn on their life paths. I don’t need to be the one controlling everything and everybody.  I can relax and I trust that I do enough and exactly the right amount to keep me on my path.

Since I got my message clear, I’ve supported more women in the past couple of weeks than I had coached over the past year.  It’s been incredible and so energizing to talk to these powerful and beautiful women who all have such individual messages that they are taking into this world.  Every one of us has experienced shit in our past and we are all rising together.  Everybody is taking her own steps to becoming fully cognizant and step into creating their own lives.  It’s such an honor to be of help to these amazing women to find their paths. I am forever grateful for the past two weeks of deep connections with women who courageously opened up so freely to better themselves.  They have such trust in me and I feel honored to be the person they open up to.  My clients have given me confidence that I need to help others, but I also couldn’t do it if I hadn’t worked so hard on my confidence as a specialist in finding ones Freedom in my very own way.  Really, it took me 37 years of life experiences to get to this point and I am grateful for every single person who touched my life, who mirrored me and let me find myself in them, and joined my path over this time.  What a great journey and adventure my life is!

I am full of energy to take on my calling in full speed and attention now and still trust that things will happen in whatever time is needed.  I am excited and curious to connect with the right souls that I will be the perfect fit with now and in the future.  I am really enjoying working with my clients that have found me and I found them in the past weeks with my new found confidence.

What does freedom mean to me?

Since I work with my clients on defining their very own definition of freedom, I get asked what freedom actually means to me a lot.

It means a lot of different things to me and I could probably write a whole book about it, but cut shortly:

I believe that every person has a particular spot on this planet.  Finding this spot enables us to live our very own freedom.  Being free means that we live our very own values and understand that we have choices to every decision we have to make.  We are taking total responsibility of our own life, which makes us the creators of our own lives and we can achieve everything we can dream of, if we stay true our own beliefs.  We are free.

In my life, I have created a life for myself where I have the freedom to work and have time to myself and know that my children are cared for perfectly by my husband, their father, when I am not with them.

I chose to unschool our children, because I didn’t believe that the structure and environment/atmosphere of our public school was a perfect fit for them.

I am traveling the world with my family, because we understood that something much deeper than following the ‘normal’ routine was a priority  in our lives.

I am location independent, coaching my clients from all over the world via the internet and I am in charge of my own schedule.

I chose to birth my children at home and in the bathtub, in a natural and cozy atmosphere.  For me, it was the only place where I felt safe.

I chose to emigrate from Germany to the US ten years ago, because I felt that this was the right thing to do to be with my now husband.

Many times a day, I choose love when I have to make decisions.  There are really so many choices to choose from and with the awareness I have today, I see this clearly.

I am doing the challenge #ichoosefreedom right now and post one picture every day with an explanation of what freedom means for me personally.

And there are so many more examples where I choose my own freedom in my life.  If you are interested in more, please contact me here or visit my Instagram profile annikahaymanfreedomcoach!

If you feel like you want more freedom in your life or you don’t even know what freedom means to you, please get in touch!  I’ll help you find this out! It’s a fun process and so worth it!

Live free and abundant!  With love, Annika <3