I had the idea to do an Instagram photo challenge about marketing my coaching business. This turned into something much more and I am excited to share it with you!

I challenge myself to show myself honestly and share where I live and have lived my very own freedom in the past years, pretty much since I became a mom in 2011.

I am very aware that my freedom does not have to match your idea of freedom! And some things might even trigger you.  But I trust that you can understand that you get triggered because it’s a topic of yours and you are very welcome to look into this more on your own, or even with my support. I have no desire to tease or upset anybody.

I want to inspire you to go deep and define what freedom means to you! I am just an example of somebody who broke free to live a life on her own terms. I know that you can do this too. My pictures will be a reason to think about yourself.

I love the fact that everybody has a very own definition of freedom. For some it’s the picture of the camping van in a deserted area, for others swimming with dolphins, or totally different scenarios…. For most people being ‘against the rules’ the is the first thought when thinking of freedom. It usually always creates a feeling of abundance, openness and expansiveness in oneself.

I am positive that every person lives some kind of freedom in their every day life already. The task is to realise this and to expand on it.

Another thing, I am absolutely sure of is that every person sees freedom as something positive. I’ve never heard anybody say that they don’t want to be free. What I hear all the time though is that the thought of freedom can trigger all kinds of fears. Topics come up that want to be looked at and the wonderful thing is that once you do the work on your own topics, the freer you get and you can enjoy feeling alive and fulfilled.

During the time of my Insta photo challenge I will offer free ‘Freedom-Coaching-Sessions’ for everybody who wants to dig deeper into her or his definition of freedom. What does it mean to you to live freely? Do you feel free in your everyday life? Where do you feel stuck and would like more freedom? All questions about freedom are worth is to be explored.

Many of my clients say things like: ‘I had no idea that I live my own freedom already in such and such situations.” Often people need somebody who can mirror them and let them see themselves more clearly. I love to be that person and I feel that I am really good at it, especially in this topic.

Freedom is the topic of my life. It took many years to understand that I am worthy to live life the way I feel good about it. To actually understand why I felt so stuck and unfree for such a big part for so long and that I am the one who is the creator of my own life.

I have a list of MY rules, that I follow. These rules are no rules that keep me tight, imprisoned or well-behaved. These are rules that help me always pick the right decisions for myself. They make me free! They help me keep my head clear and not clouded of too much thinking about a decision. They come from my heart and are there to help my stay balanced and happy. They are the values I want to live. This list of rules/values could change if I enter different life phases, but this is just one more aspect of living my own freedom.

I am looking forward to starting my #ichoosefreedom challenge today and hope to connect to many people about this heart topic of mine!

Live free and love deep!

Annika <3

PS:Please let me know if I can support you getting closer to your own definition of your own freedom! I am here for you!